Resolving to purchase a new home in 2024?

Resolving to purchase a new home in 2024?

As we pop the cork on 2024, the Crib Equity team is contemplating our progress from 2023 and our resolutions for the New Year. Collectively our team is more resolved than ever to support the personal and financial goals of homeowners with a more affordable home purchase path. Personally, our team members' own resolutions range from life investments, such as establishing credit for children’s college funds or increasing contributions to savings vehicles like a 401k or HSA, to volunteering time with admired charities and decreasing smartphone and device usage.

For many, buying a first home or moving into a new one that supports family and personal needs is among this year’s top resolutions. Helping make this aspiration a reality, Crib Equity will double your down payment and our team will be by your side throughout your homeownership journey.

About Crib Equity

We empower homebuyers by making an investment of up to 50% of the down payment required for their home purchase. This investment does not require any monthly payments as we get paid at the time of sale, or in 10 years, from the proceeds of a sale or refinance. Our customers use our down payment investment to enjoy monthly mortgage savings up to 25%, or to increase their buying power up to 25%. Most of us don’t have a wealthy relative who can give us a large sum of money to put towards a home purchase… but, now you can get the advantages as if you did.

Buy the home you love versus one you ‘settled’ for

Think of the homes you would be able to tour during your home search if your budget was 20-25% higher. Closer to your workplace. More square footage or space for extended family. In your preferred school district. Or, simply having more options, upgrades and amenities available.  

Enjoy having a professional by your side

If you already have mortgage and real estate professionals you want to work with, we are happy to work with them. If you’d like recommendations, we can make introductions from our network of preferred professionals. You are always welcome to leverage our network, but not required to. As a Crib Equity customer you will also get the benefit of preferred pricing for many of the services involved in your real estate transaction and various needs while you own your home. 

As you embark on your 2024 home search, consider harnessing the power of a Crib Equity down payment investment. Our innovative tools, expert guidance, and commitment to empowering homebuyers can turn your dream of homeownership into a tangible reality. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting the Crib Equity team. Cheers to a year filled with new beginnings and the joy of unlocking the doors to your perfect home!